Returning Strong for the Rest of the School Year

Returning Strong for the Rest of the School Year
Returning Strong for the Rest of the School Year

For those whose children returned in-person these past months, we thank you for your trust in us. Our return to school has been successful, and we look forward to expanding opportunities safely and responsibly. For those who have remained virtual with us—we thank you for your patience. We also hope to continue to build trust and confidence. PASD has been ahead of the curve bringing back all grade levels with the A/B Hybrid Model in January and February. Our mission is for all students to return to 100% in-person learning by the fall of 2021, and our next step in this approach is to increase in-person learning for both elementary and secondary. 

For elementary, beginning April 12, we will switch to an AM/PM half-day model where students will attend school for 2 hours and 40 minutes five days a week. This model will increase in-person learning from 40% to 50% by having in-person for AM/PM groups every day M-F. There will no longer be any Google Meets on Wednesday. We chose this method because daily in-person learning and engagement with a teacher are the best access we can provide for each child; we can now make that happen safely in our school district. We will have focused learning time for the entire time students are at school. Breakfast and lunch will be sent home daily for any child wishing to receive them. This change means that custodians will focus on disinfecting our classrooms between am and pm groups.

Students will still access PE, music, and counseling lessons asynchronously using their remote tools. Each child’s teacher will provide daily homework as a complement to the lesson completed at school. The daily homework could be online, paper/pencil, or a combination of these formats.

The specific structure of the elementary school day can be found here.

We understand that this is a significant change and could influence the routine of your household. Thank you for your continued support and patience as we navigate this path. If you need information regarding childcare providers, please visit the PASD website for local childcare resources. https://portangelesschools.org/community/child_care.  

Middle school and high school will continue their AB hybrid model on April 12; however, each day will extend to include all periods. This model will enable teachers to see their students twice a week instead of once a week and provides additional time to check in with students about work and needs every three days vs. once a week. Please find term 4 schedules here: Stevens Middle School, Port Angeles High School, Lincoln High School

Just like elementary, no meals will be served at school even with extended time. Breakfast and lunch will be sent home with students. Since we will have two more transitions between classes, we will continue to strictly adhere to DOH guidelines that we are currently following regarding health and safety practices.

We are very excited about the opportunity to provide consistent instruction, timely feedback, and support for each child every day at school. We appreciate each of our families and the commitment you have made to partner with us in adapting to the many iterations of instruction this year. Having elementary students back in classrooms five days a week is the optimal solution. We are proud to be among the state leaders in our implementation of safety protocols and our in-person hours of instruction for both elementary and secondary students.

Please note bus schedules will be available no later than Friday, April 2. For more information regarding meal bags and ordering, please click here. Should you have student-specific questions or needs, please contact your building directly. For additional family support, please reach out to Becca Larsen, our District’s Family Navigator, by emailing [email protected]. Please reach out if you have any other questions or concerns.

In Partnership,

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