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Information for New Teachers

This is information we would like every teacher to know. Please read through the list and if you need clarification notify the helpdesk. If you have success with these tools and/or procedures please share the positive outcomes with other staff in your building.

You can find additional resources on the Internal District Support Page

Logging into the network (Staff and student)

  • Both students and staff have accounts in the Port Angeles School District Windows domain
  • Staff accounts are normally first initial, last name
  • Student accounts are their other ID in Skyward (all seven digits). Email me if you need help with student accounts.

Changing passwords

  • Please change your password at least once a year. If you haven’t changed yet since you got your account setup, please change it now.  Once logged in press CTRL+ALT+DEL and select change password.

Save to S:

  • All faculty map a drive to their home folder on the server. Tech would like the S: drive to be you primary location when saving files.This provides for nightly backups and access from any computer on the district network.

Talk to your building Tech

  • Dry Creek Elementary –Tami Parrill
  • Hamilton Elementary – George Kheriaty
  • Jefferson Elementary – Evan Murphy
  • Franklin Elementary – Maria Kays
  • Roosevelt Elementary – Jennifer Reynolds and Kathrine Hartman
  • Stevens Middle School – Rob Edwards
  • Port Angeles High School – Not currently designated

Helpdesk requests

Send an email with your tech needs to or visit our Help Desk Portal and submit a request that way. When prompted, enter your district credentials to use the portal.

  • Please include your name, building, room #, and extension where you can be reached.
  • Include as much information about your needs and include computer name if possible.

District applications

Faculty and students have account in the programs listed below. Please contact your building Tech for help accessing these programs.

  • MobyMax
  • Office365 and Google.
  • All faculty and students have accounts in Office 365 and Google
  • Office 365 accounts are synched with our domain and match username and password with domain account. Staff accounts are in the domain and student accounts are in the domain
  • Google domain are based on the same username as the windows domain accounts but may have a different password. I hope to setup synchronization over the summer so these accounts will always match the windows domain.
  • Teacher websites -We have the ability to create a website for any teacher in the district under their schools webpage. If you would like to have a teacher site please contact the webmaster at or submit a help desk request to

Email Scams and Malware

The district has seen an increase in email scams.  You will never be asked to purchase gift cards or send electronic transfers by anyone in the district.  If you are send a request for one of the items delete the message and do not reply.

We are also seeing an increase in malware.  You can get malware by clicking links in email, installing applications downloaded from the internet, and going to inappropriate/infected websites.  If you are ever in doubt or need software installed contact your building technology coordinator or contact the help desk.