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District Technology Information

Keeping Up with Technology

This page is meant to keep staff up to date with technology changes that impact their computer use at the Port Angeles School District. The ever changing state of technology creates opportunities and sometimes frustration. Here, we can share solutions and successes that benefit all of us.

Need to Knows

Information for New Teachers
We are always happy to see new faculty join our district. Getting familiar with technology used within the district can sometimes be difficult for people, and we want to help ease the transition as much as possible. We have developed the Information for New Teachers page that is a perfect place for new, or current, faculty to learn about some of the tools we use in the Port Angeles School District.

Connecting to Wireless
As we grow our wireless network we are always looking for ways to improve connectivity and make the system easier to use. Connecting to the wireless network is now easier than ever. If you want to connect just select the Guest wireless as your gateway to using wireless within the district. Detailed instructions can be found by clicking the Ruckus Wireless Setup and Use.

Microsoft Windows and Tools

Microsoft Windows
The vast majority of our district computers utilize Microsoft Windows as the operating system. Currently, most of these computers are running Windows 10.  If your computer is running Windows 7 we will be upgrading it this year when time permits.  District employees log in to these computers using their assigned district credentials. This is often your fisrt initial and last name for the user. Our computers receive updates via the WSUS server (read more about it here) at least once a month to ensure they are as up to date as possible.

Microsoft Office
All computers in the district are pre-loaded with the Microsoft Office Suite. We offer the use of Excel, Word, Outlook, Powerpoint and the rest of the office suite programs. If you are unfamiliar with Microsoft Office and would like to learn more we have several links that are a great starting point for learning. You can get started with Office through Microsoft's support website, or visit the TechNet End User Training page for additional information.

Office 2016 for Home Use
Recently Microsoft announced that Office 2016 is available for both iPads and home computers for staff. This comes to us along with our Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) agreement for a minimal fee to our staff.