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Staff Directory Access Instructions

To access the Annual Staff Directory please follow the link below. This will redirect you to the Office 365 Sharepoint folder that houses the PDF file. You will be required to enter your district credentials to view the file. 

Annual Port Angeles School District Staff Directory

For additional instructions on using your district credentials to access this directory, please read the information below.

Accessing the Annual Staff Directory File

Following the above link will redirect you to the Office 365 login page. You will enter your email address in the login box (or click the icon with your email address if you have visited this page before). Your email address entry is in the form of First Initial Last Name @ Follow this by entering your password and clicking next.

You should arrive at a screen similar to the one shown below. This is the actual PDF file, located on the Office365 District SharePoint server. You can use the buttons in this window to either download the file, print it, or you can simply bookmark it through your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Chrome) to access it again later. However, you will be prompted for your credentials each time if you do use bookmarks!