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Welcome to the podcasts page of the Port Angeles School District's Communications Department. Here, we bring you a diverse lineup of engaging and informative radio shows that air on KONP News Radio 1450, covering a wide range of topics related to education, student success, and our district community.

Our radio shows offer a unique opportunity to tune in and stay connected with the latest educational news, interviews, and discussions. Whether you are a student, parent, educator, or community member, we invite you to join us on KONP News Radio 1450 to explore the valuable insights and perspectives shared through our radio programming.

Each radio show is thoughtfully designed to address relevant educational themes, showcase student achievements, highlight district initiatives, and provide a platform for community engagement. We believe that radio shows offer a dynamic way to connect with our audience, allowing for real-time interaction, information sharing, and community dialogue.

Stay tuned to KONP News Radio 1450 for the latest radio show episodes and schedules. We welcome your feedback, suggestions, and ideas for future radio show topics. Please feel free to reach out to us with any comments or questions you may have.

Thank you for tuning in to our radio programming. We hope you find the shows informative, engaging, and enjoyable.

Happy listening!


Todd Ortloff Show 2/15/2022

Port Angeles School District Band Director Jarrett Hansen and Orchestra Director Nathan Rodahl, with a few students, discussing upcoming events and what’s happening with the music department. – Suzanne Horne, Chair of Sequim’s City Arts Advisory Commission with Vice Chair Mary Lofstrom, discussing “Art All Over: The Art Show Without Walls” and High Schools of the Olympic Peninsula Creative Crafts & Art Exhibit.

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Todd Ortloff Show 01/18/2022

01/18/2022 – PAHS NJROTC Senior Chief Justin Beck and Cadets Naaman McGuffey, Addie Lomax, and Ashlyn Helgeson were guests on the Todd Ortloff show this week! They shared news about their successes at recent competitions and an upcoming competition hosted at PAHS on February 26th! During this competition in February, different NJROTC schools will compete, including Oak Harbor, Everett, Snohomish, Marysville, Arlington, Burlington, and Peninsula HS.

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Todd Ortloff Show 11/16/2021

11/16/2021 – Port Angeles School District Superintendent Marty Brewer Todd Ortloff speaks to PASD Superintendent Marty Brewer about the new play-field being installed and other related school district items.

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Todd Ortloff Show 10/19/2021

10/19/2021 – PAHS DECA community efforts Peyton Rudd, DECA President, Kimberly Thompson, DECA VP of Community Service, and Jennifer Rogers – adviser talk about a number of DECA-related efforts students are undertaking to help the community. Included is a Thanksgiving basket program.

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Todd Ortloff Show 9/21/2021

9/21/2021 – Port Angeles Schools 2021-22 School Year PASD Superintendent Marty Brewer talks about school COVID response and other new programs this year. In particular, the new Handle With Care Program, our government-to-government partnership with the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, and an update around the new athletic field.

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Todd Ortloff Show 6/8/21

6/8/21 -PASD graduates and Superintendent Marty Brewer Laken Folsom, Abby Sanders and Ben Hollingsworth talk about their experiences heading toward graduation during the pandemic – Superintendent Marty Brewer talks about full reopening of Port Angeles School set for this fall and graduation events.

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Todd Ortloff Show 4/21/2021

4/21/2021 – Stevens Middle School learns STEM skills Stevens Middle School offering a robust program in science and technology and students are winning awards

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