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Welcome to the Communications page of the Port Angeles School District website. Effective communication is crucial in fostering a strong and engaged community, and we are committed to providing you with various channels to stay informed and connected with us.

Below are the different communication resources available:

New Website Feedback

We value your feedback! If you have any comments, suggestions, or issues regarding our website, we encourage you to share them with us through the New Website Feedback form. Your input helps us enhance and improve your browsing experience.

News & Notes Staff Newsletter

The News & Notes Staff Newsletter is designed specifically for our dedicated staff members. This newsletter brings you important updates, announcements, and resources relevant to your role within the Port Angeles School District. Stay informed and connected with the latest news in our district.

Newsletter Archives

Our Newsletter Archives provide access to past editions of various newsletters. Explore previous issues to catch up on news, events, and valuable information shared with our community.

PASD Parent Newsletter

The PASD Parent Newsletter is tailored for our parents and guardians. This newsletter delivers timely updates, educational resources, and news specifically curated to support your involvement in your child's education. Stay connected and engaged with your child's academic journey.

Visions Newsletter

The Visions Newsletter highlights the accomplishments, stories, and achievements within the Port Angeles School District. Get inspired by the incredible work of our students, teachers, and staff as we strive for excellence in education.


Our podcasts provide an immersive auditory experience, allowing you to listen to interviews, discussions, and educational content related to the Port Angeles School District. Tune in and explore a range of topics that matter to our community.

We believe in transparent and effective communication, and we hope that these resources help you stay connected, engaged, and well-informed. Thank you for being a part of the Port Angeles School District community.