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PASD Health and Safety Information

Below, please find details on strategies, processes, and information that will help us successfully and safely navigate our school year.


Health and Safety Highlights

Please keep your students home if they are sick. Rather than having your child sent home mid-day to quarantine and undergo contact tracing, notify your school directly to excuse their absence. If you have been exposed please test.

If you need to keep your child home due to illness, your child's teacher will work with you to support learning while recovering at home. To learn more, check out Clallam County Department of Health's Return to School Flowchart here.



As of March 12, 2022, masking is optional for all staff, students, and visitors on all campuses and buses. Masks may be required universally during clusters or outbreaks in classrooms or groups. Find out more about masking and other COVID-19 regulations here: doh.wa.gov/masks. Schools will have extra masks on hand for students who may need them.



PASD can safely implement lunch plans that allow all students to eat inside with the use of effective mitigation strategies, such as:

Limiting the time that students are sitting at lunch.

Supporting indoor airflow.

Maximizing physical distancing to the extent possible.

Organizing students so they will not be facing directly across from each other while eating/drinking.

In addition, schools will build a shared understanding of good habits while eating lunch.


As per our local Department of Health, "vaccination is the most effective prevention strategy available for allowing school to resume full-time in-person instruction." COVID-19 vaccines are available to all people age 12 and older. As soon as the COVID-19 vaccine is approved for children under 12, we will partner with medical providers to hold in-school clinics. The State Board of Health, which sets the Washington state immunization requirements for students, has not currently required the COVID-19 vaccine for students.


End of School Employee COVID Vaccine Info

Governor Inslee announced the end of the school employee COVID-19 vaccination requirement as of October 31, 2022. This rescission includes employees, volunteers, and indoor contractors in educational settings.

If you would like to review the guidance to prevent and respond to COVID-19 in schools, you can read the Washington State Department of Health’s communication here: https://doh.wa.gov/sites/default/files/2022-10/821165-K12SchoolsChildCare2022-2023.pdf

If you have any questions, please contact your student's school building or district office.


Response to COVID-19 Cases

If there is a positive COVID-19 case in a school, all families with students identified as a close contact will be notified. Staff will work with the Clallam County Department of Health to manage contact tracing – identifying and informing all individuals who came into close contact with the person diagnosed with COVID-19 and providing the next steps.



Classrooms and common spaces will be cleaned and disinfected each day. Below are the procedures we use to clean, sanitize and disinfect areas of the buildings:

Cleaning removes germs, dirt, food, body fluids, and other material. Cleaning increases the benefit of sanitizing and disinfection.

Sanitizing reduces germs on surfaces of a clean object.

Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces of a clean object.

For more in-depth details on our infection control plans, please review details in our Academic and Student Well-Being Recovery Plan here.



Good ventilation and indoor air quality are essential in reducing airborne exposure to respiratory pathogens, chemicals, and odors. School buildings can refresh classrooms with massive amounts of fresh air, which helps us keep our staff and students safe.  Our HVAC dampers are set to 100% at each school building, which allows the maximum amount of outdoor air to enter the program space and increase air filtration. We will offer more outside time and open windows as often as possible. We are also changing the filters more often. These are all recommendations from the Department of Health for slowing the spread of Covid-19.


Physical Distancing

Following state Department of Health guidelines, students will distance three feet, or to the extent possible and reasonable, in classrooms and maximize the distance between students to the extent possible and reasonable in shared spaces.


Hand Washing

Regular hand washing is vital to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and schools will continue to teach students proper handwashing, reinforce positive behaviors, and provide adequate supplies. All students will wash their hands before and after lunch, before and after recess, after using the restroom, and throughout the day. Hand sanitizer will be made available when hand washing is not possible.

We are excited and prepared to return to school safely, and we look forward to being back together in person!

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