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Performing Arts Center

The Port Angeles Performing Arts Center, known also as the Port Angeles High School Auditorium, was built in 1959 to seat 1,205 people. It is the largest facility in Port Angeles of its type, and is home to Roughrider music programs as well as a performance center for community and Olympic Peninsula-wide events.

How to Make Inquiries/Arrangements for Rental of the Port Angeles Performing Arts Center - PAHS Auditorium


The Port Angeles Performing Arts Center, known also as the Port Angeles High School Auditorium, was built in 1959 to seat 1,205 people. Its current configuration is 1,122. The aisles are situated on the sides of the auditorium. There are two handicapped entrances: one from the grass on the east side of the building and one with a ramp from the walkway heading to the lobby on the west side of the building. There are two wheelchair spaces, Row AA seat 1 and Row A seat 1. All rows are 30" wide, allowing most wheelchairs to cross the auditorium.


With amazing acoustics, shows from the Port Angeles Symphony (without any sound reinforcement) to Arlo Guthrie, Judy Collins and the Irish Tenors (with reinforcement) have produced wonderful shows in the Performing Arts Center. In its basic setup, the auditorium includes a Mackie FX Pro-22 with a 16 x 4 snake leading to the right side of the stage behind the proscenium. The snake (with 16 inputs and 4 outputs) is adequate for many shows. Currently, two Mackie 450s mounted on the ceiling FOH provide good sound with minimum feedback. The production console, including light and sound control, is located in the house to stage left of center.


The stage lighting is currently controlled by a ETC Element lighting 60-250 console. It will soon be accessible by wi-fi using the ETC App for Android or IOS. There are three electrics over the stage each with 14 6" Altman Fresnels. There are eight control channels on #1 and #2 and six control channels on #3. There are six Floor pockets: two on each side and two across the back of the stage. FOH is lighted by nine ETC Source Fours on the ceiling in six channels and six ETC Source Fours on each side wall of the auditorium with five channels on each wall. The stage apron is lighted by six ETC Parnels accessible from the stage.

This viewable chart shows channel/circuit numbers/addresses for all lights FOH as well as over the stage. The colors indicate positions for color washes and gels. Currently, all lights are conventional lights with gel frames. Four LED lights are currently on order for the apron position to give the console addressable colors to wash the stage. All lights are dead hung, and over stage lights are reachable from rolling scaffold from the stage. Torm lights are accessible from a ladder, and ceiling positions are accessible from the attic. These ceiling light positions are very hard to reach, and generally do not get gelled.


Stage power is available in multiple 120 volt outlets for small systems, 100 Amp 3 phase breakered disconnect, and 50 amp 4 pin twist lock (California Plug).

Seating Chart

Stage Plot

Directions & Parking

Port Angeles High School is located at the corner of Park & Peabody Streets at 304 East Park Avenue. From Highway 101, go South on Race Street to Park Avenue. Turn right on Park Avenue. Port Angeles High School will be on your left. Follow the crowds to the Auditorium lobby. Free parking is available across the street from the high school.