Long-Range Facilities Task Force 2013

June 5, 2014: Long-Range Facilities Task Force Board Recommendation for School Configuration

December 12, 2013: Long Range Facilities Task Force Report to the Board of Directors

The Long-Range Facilities Task Force is charged with long-range planning for the Port Angeles School District’s facilities, technology services, and educational support functions. Task Force members will evaluate economic and demographic projections that reasonably represent the anticipated enrollment capacity needed over the next five, ten and twenty year planning horizons to properly serve the school community.

Additionally, the Task Force will evaluate the current physical condition and technological value of all school district properties. Based on these evaluations, it will make recommendations to the Board of Directors for long-range planning initiatives and shall promote a commitment to keeping all school district stakeholders involved and informed about the long-term vision for the Port Angeles School District.

The Task Force includes staff from each of our schools, as well as parents and community members. After review, discussion and evaluation, the task force will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors including its future long-range vision for our schools, one that focuses on flexibility, innovation, resourcefulness and a nurturing environment which strengthens our ability to educate our children for future success.

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