Continuing, Transfer, and New Student Information

TESTING for Highly Capable Services

Students Continually Enrolled  

Port Angeles School District recognizes that Highly Capable students need opportunities to meet their individual and collective needs. In order to determine if a student would benefit from Highly Capable services, we will provide multiple objective criteria to assess a student who has been referred either by the parent/guardian, self-referral, a teacher, or any other individual who makes the nomination.

The State of Washington’s Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and the legislature established state law that determined access to accelerated learning and enhanced instruction is access to a basic education for students who are identified as Highly Capable.  RCW 28A.185.020

Transfer Students
Students who transfer to the Port Angeles School District from out-of-district schools and have qualified in a previous highly capable program are not automatically enrolled in our program.  Test scores and placement letters from the other district may be used but students must meet our placement criteria.

Students who are transferring within the Port Angeles School District are considered a continuing student; their qualification standing is not affected.

A summer testing opportunity will be available for students who are new to the school district and do not have qualifying criteria from previous schools.

Students NEW to the Program:

Please contact [email protected] to request summer testing or for more information.

Exiting the Highly Capable Program
The Port Angeles School District, in compliance with the Washington State rules for Highly Capable Programs (WAC 392-170-047) has a procedure to allow students to exit the Highly Capable Program.

Re-entry Process
Students/parent/guardians may request services to resume after the district has conducted a formal exit or if an identified student, who withdrew from the district, re-enrolls at a later date.