Child Find

  • Port Angeles School District Contact:
    Special Services Department, (360) 565-3740

State and federal regulations require all school districts to conduct child find activities that apply to students age birth through twenty-one for the purpose of locating, evaluating, and identifying students with a suspected disability (WAC 392-172A-02040).  Child find activities are required for students not currently receiving special education services and that attend public schools, private schools, students within highly mobile, homeless, and migrate populations, and students that are advancing from grade to grade yet are suspected of having a disability.


The school district is required to determine child find and services in consultation with private school representatives for private school populations.

The Port Angeles School District meets child find requirements through a number of methods which include, but are not exclusive to the following:

  • Posting notices in each school building (child find fliers are sent to buildings for display)
  • Special education brochures mailed to school sites, county health department, head start programs, private schools, physician’s offices, daycare centers, and other public agencies
  • Staff in-services
  • Newspaper and local radio announcements of early childhood screening activities.

Students that are five through twenty-one years of age with suspected disabilities are typically identified through child find activities at their neighborhood school. Students that are five, or age-eligible for kindergarten through twenty-one years of age, that are suspected of having a disability should be referred to the building principal or designee to be considered for a special education evaluation.

Students that are not yet age-eligible for school, three to five years of age, may participate in child find screenings conducted through the special education office. These screenings take place four times each school year. Referrals for this age group should be addressed to the Special Services Department, (360) 565-3740.

Child find activities for children below the age of three years are done in cooperation with the Family Resource Coordinator. Please call (360) 460-3965 to set up an appointment.