Welcome to the Port Angeles School District! Thank you for your service to our students and staff!

The following information is required in order to be a volunteer coach for the Port Angeles School District:

1. Completion of three forms (PASD Volunteer Registration Form, Volunteer Coach form, Washington State Patrol Request for Criminal History Record with copy of driver’s license) provided by PASD Human Resources staff or in the volunteers coaches package & WSP file below.

2. Fingerprints (Visit PASD Human Resources office for fingerprint card). Clallam County Sheriff’s Office does fingerprints between 1:00-3:00 p.m. Monday – Friday. (Cost is $10 cash at volunteer’s expense, however PASD pays the $43.50 background check fee.)

3. Read and sign Washington Schools Risk Management Pool (WSRMP) Boundary Invasion information provided by PASD Human Resources staff or below.

Return all completed forms/fingerprint card to the PASD Human Resources office at 905 W 9th St, Port Angeles, WA 98363.   You will be notified by the PASD Athletic Department of your assignment.

If you have any questions, please email pterhune@portangelesschools.org or call (360) 565.3757 for assistance.

To review copies of the Volunteer - Coaches information and District policies, please visit Human Resources, Central Services Building, 216 East Fourth Street, lower level.