Para and Sub Shortage

Para and Sub Shortage
Posted on 10/21/2022
Para and Sub Shortage

We are urgently hiring caring individuals to join our team as we are at a critically low level of employees to support our school system. Our two basic needs are permanent paraeducators and substitutes.  We are taking every step to ensure there's an adult in every necessary position, resorting to using staff like principals, district administrators, and other staff with other essential responsibilities during the typical school day. If we cannot fill our vacant positions, canceling classes or classrooms would be the worst-case scenario. We have no desire to do this, but we may have no other option if we cannot hire additional staff.

We have several permanent paraeducator positions open. These positions serve as critical support for our students. The wages depending on experience, are $21.68 to $28.33. These positions also provide full benefits, including medical, dental, vision, life, and State retirement. Paraeducator positions are rewarding and help make a difference in a student's life. Click here to learn more or apply to become a para!

Substitutes are highly valued and provide critical support to our teachers and students. Without them, we would not be able to offer our students a seamless educational experience on the days when regular staff are absent. You may qualify for an emergency substitute certificate, allowing you to earn $150 a day as a substitute, plus bonus pay! Click here to learn more or apply to become a sub. We are also seeking paraeducator substitutes starting at $17.55 an hour.

In addition to the base pay above, substitutes could qualify for the following bonuses: 

Substitute Teacher Bonus Pay

For the 2022-23 School Year:

  • Substitute teachers are eligible for an additional bonus of:
    • $200 for working 25 assignments;
    • An additional $300 for working 50 assignments;
    • An additional $500 for working 75 assignments;
    • Eligible for health insurance after working 90 assignments;
    • An additional $1,000 for working 100 assignments; and
    • A wage of $200 per day after working 100 assignments. 
  • If a substitute teacher works an open para position, that assignment will count towards the above bonus structure.

  • Substitute teachers working on a long-term assignment are not eligible for the above bonuses while being paid on the certificated salary schedule.

 Substitute Para Bonus Pay:

  • $200 bonus after working the first 30 assignments. 

To review all current openings and apply online, visit: tinyurl.com/PAHSHire2022. Questions? Please call PASD Human Resources at 360-565-3722.

 We appreciate your serious consideration and encourage your application!