Teacher Appreciation Day 2022 Shout Outs

Teacher Appreciation Day 2022 Shout Outs
Posted on 05/03/2022
Teacher Appreciation Day 2022 Shout Outs

It is teacher appreciation week and we would like to share some shoutouts from around the district.

Angela Tamas "Amazing and caring instructor she is the definition of what a teacher should be"
Jessica McCalla "Mrs. McCalla has been so great with Jaxon. He's behind due to early medical issues but she and Jaxon’s team continues to work so hard to get him up with the rest of the class. All their love and support shows in his work. He’s progressed so much this year in her classroom it’s so remarkable. She not only teaches academics she also teaches right from wrong, respect and how to handle tough situations at school. Jaxon and the rest of the students are so lucky to have had Mrs. McCalla. So, so, so many kudos!"
Lambert Grimes "Ms. Grimes has worked with my family tirelessly this year, through the difficulties of covid and educating a 2e child. Her communication is prompt, consistent, and fact based…..all qualities that are helpful to my family and the growth of my child. I am thankful for my child’s acceptance within the Dry Creek community and the tireless devotion of the educational team of Port Angeles School District!"
Mary Krzysiak

"Mrs Krzysiak is a wonderful teacher. She leads with compassion and makes every student feel special. Her classroom is a safe haven of kindness and acceptance. She meets her students where they are and has an amazing ability to provide individually tailored learning opportunities for each of them. Mrs K weathered the challenges of the pandemic with grace and patience. She advocates endlessly for her students, and communicates very well with their families. The only negative is that my daughter can't stay in Mrs Krzysiak's classroom forever."

Miss Melanie Lusk "Miss Melanie has been Jaxon’s ParaEd since he started preschool with Teacher Ann. Jaxon was still going through some minor health issues but she and Teacher Ann worked so well together to help Jaxon learn and grow. She still follows and truly cares about his education and it shows in his progress and in our meetings. I’m just an auntie to Jaxon but his education team have a special place in my heart because all their love and dedication."
Mrs. Hopkins "Thank you to Mrs.Hopkins for being ever so patient, kind, understanding and fun! We appreciate you so much!"
Patricia Hopkins "Thank you for your dedication to your reading group this year. Elizabeth has learned so much and loves the varied explorations."
Terri Longin "Our son left his friends and his old school behind to start at Dry Creek new this year, and Mrs. Longin and her class did an amazing job easing him in and making him feel welcome. He loves school now!"
General "A students experience and education at a school CAN be dependent on just one teacher, and my two boys have had some great ones. But here is the thing: I've been impressed with their entire experience through the grades, which speaks not only to the quality and commitment of individual teachers and staff, but also their coordination, and the communication between them. Their current teachers, Mrs. Nancy Le Blanc and Mrs. Dawnell Williams deserve plaudits, but our children have grown and thrived under ever teacher they've had at Franklin. Thank you!"
Jennifer Biermann "It's your day to shine! And our day to say, 'Thank you!'"
Mrs. Lee "Mrs. Lee is amazing! She is kind, thoughtful and my kiddo loves her! Going to be hard for us to say goodbye at the end of the year!"
Danyelle Brannan "Mrs Brannan has been an incredibly supportive, kind, and engaging teacher. Our son is one of the youngest in his class and, while that may not make a difference in later grades, in Kindergarten it can be a huge difference for the student. Our son took part in Jump Start with Mrs Brannan and she provides updates, suggestions and tips, and is easy to communicate with when we have any questions. Our son is excited to be at school every day! Thank you Mrs Brannan for inspiring a love of learning in our son and other many young minds."
Mrs. Anderson "Mrs. Anderson helped my son through a truly difficult behavior issue, and he has come through a better person with a stronger and happier relationship to her and school."
Mrs. Johnson "Mrs. Johnson is phenomenal about maintaining my son's engagement, and is one of the nicest people I've met!"
Mrs. Edwards "From Day 1 I felt excited for my child to be in Mrs. Edward's class. Every day I drop him off I'm confident he's in the right place. She has high expectations and my son strives to meet them. He LOVES school and that is because of the culture she's created in her classroom. His first year of school has been a wonderful experience and for that I am so very grateful. Thank you Mrs.Edwards for all you do."
Ms. Chang "Ms.Chang is awesome. She's so dedicated to helping the students succeed, makes learning fun, and provides excellent communication to parents about what is being covered in the classroom."
"Senior Chief" and "Captain" (PAHS/ROTC) "I cannot say enough about this program. It's the thing my son loves most about school & he puts in several hours above and beyond outside of school because he is so motivated by it. That is a testament to the program's leadership. Also, these two men make strong relationships with the kids and guide them in creating strong relationships with each other. This program is a model of teaching 21st century skills. There are a lot of great teachers at PAHS, but I hear about "Senior Chief" and "Captain" the most. Thanks for all you do and have done for these kids...especially my son!"
David Mowry "Thank you for being a truly outstanding teacher. Your passion for teaching and your dedication to your students is obvious in everything you do. I feel so lucky to have been put into your class."
Mr. Johnson "He is cool, patient and easy to work with. He makes a fun science class! Thank you!"
Ms Fitzwater "She dedicates a lot of her time to making sure that her students are prepared for adulthood."
Gail Kite "Dedicated, caring and an amazing teacher! We love her!"
Jody Adams "Wonderful and amazing teacher"
Miranda Laidig "Ms. Laidig is an amazing teacher and has made this year awesome. She is fun and really keeps the students engaged. She makes learning fun and goes out of her way to help every student succeed."
Ms. Kuch "She is an amazing teacher. She is both flexible and keeps structure every day. Each of my kids have been lucky to have received her nurturing and innovative ways, and my students thrive! Many thanks from our family"
Sharon Fritschler "Mrs. Fritschler has engaged my son’s attention in subjects I have struggled to teach at home! She has, daily, labored to encourage kindness, patience, empathy, determination and citizenship through consistency and academic pursuits. She provides accurate feedback on my son’s strengths and learning goals while lighting the fire of his curiosity through authentic classroom projects. I am so grateful for the expert guidance she has provided my second grade son. Thank you, Mrs. Fritschler!"
Everett "He is amazing all around!"
Mrs. Stephanie Gochnour "I appreciate Mrs. Gochnour because of all the time she puts in for her students helping us to do our very best and all the patience she has with us too!"
Victoria Helwick "Mrs. Helwick is very helpful, always answers my questions or points me in the right direction for help. She is very encouraging and positive. I've really enjoyed having her as my teacher this year!"
Darren Mills "Mr. Mills represents all that a great teacher should be. My 8th grader says his name with a smile on her face and eagerly looks forward to his class everyday. Thank you for all you do, it is noticed and much appreciated!"
Mr. Krzysiak "He is positive energy. He takes the time to meet each student where they are at and then draws potential. He has been a great support to my child as she discovers her strengths and takes ownership herself. I'm grateful!"