Winter Sports Update

Winter Sports Update
Posted on 01/04/2022
Winter Sports Update

Winter sports and performances are off to a great start! This message is regarding changes to spectatorship to upcoming games and events. The Port Angeles School District believes athletics and extracurricular activities are critical for student and family mental health. We can offer these activities safely and with guidance from our local health authorities, but it will take everyone doing their part and complying with safety protocols and guidance. Thank you for remembering that this is about the students and their well-being.

Current Guidelines – Assessed on a weekly basis:

  1. Limited spectatorship – Each sport, event, or gathering will have a pre-determined spectator capacity limit. We will revert to last spring's guidelines for sports and offer tickets to student-athletes for family members to attend games/matches.
  2. Strict physical distancing – Audience members should be seated or stand in "family units." These small groups should be at least 3 feet apart.
  3. 100% Masking -  All spectators attending indoor and outdoor school sporting activities must mask at all times, regardless of vaccination status. Masks need to cover the nose and mouth.

Thank you for your support and for following these guidelines 100%. Please help make it easy on our staff and volunteers who take the time to organize and volunteer their time at these events. Failure to comply with these required safety protocols could result in the loss of spectators to upcoming events. Our goal is to continue to offer extracurricular activities for our students and families.

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