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Continuous Improvement Plans

By clicking the links below, the reports for all Port Angeles School District schools can be accessed to obtain each school improvement plan and current reports. Note: These are large files and may take additional time to load.

The Port Angeles School District is organized into three levels, with five elementary schools serving students in kindergarten through grade 6, one middle school serving grades 7-8, a high school serving students in grades 9-12, and an alternative high school serving grades 9-12.

Elementary Schools

The elementary schools range in size from 250 students to approximately 400 students. They provide a strong basic education, with special programs in a variety of remediation and enrichment areas.

Elementary grades are served by specialists in music and physical education. There is a general music program and strings program for students in grades four through six, and band for sixth grade students.

Learning Disability Specialists are available in each building, as are speech and language pathologists. Learning support teachers are also assigned to address remedial needs.

Middle School

Port Angeles has one middle school, Stevens Middle School, which serves approximately 600 students. The middle school program, while having a strong basic education focus, includes classes in band, orchestra, chorus, computers, home economics, foreign language and vocational education. There is also an intensified math sequence offered, and learning specialists are available throughout the school.

High Schools

Port Angeles High School is an accredited, comprehensive high school that serves approximately 1,200 students in grades 9-12. The athletic program offers a full range of sports, and competes at the State 3A level. An award-winning music program includes orchestra, concert band, choir, swing choir, marching band, and various ensembles.

Achievement scores district-wide compare favorably with Washington State averages, and are generally above the national average. The high school is a SAT test center and students’ scores reflect an emphasis on academic achievement. District SAT scores are at or above state and national norms.

The high school meets the unique needs of each student by offering a variety of programs in the areas of special education, vocational education, and advanced placement courses for college-bound students. The high school graduates compete favorably for national scholarships and for admission to nationally recognized schools, as well as, to the military academies.

The staff at the high school is committed to creating smaller learning communities where students are expected to meet high standards and graduate with skills and abilities to choose a successful future.

The Port Angeles community has strongly supported a local scholarship program for graduating seniors who plan further education. Each year more than $275,000 in local funds are awarded. This figure, when combined with college-offered scholarships and other awards, provides more than $900,000 in scholarships annually to our graduating seniors.

Lincoln High School is an alternative high school where students are given the opportunity, understanding and encouragement they need to receive a quality education in a safe, healthy environment. The goal at Lincoln is to have each student become a successful worker and citizen. To help students realize that goal, the staff focuses on basic skills, literacy, work-skill readiness, the military, and post-secondary education.

Lincoln students must meet the same performance standards and academic credit requirements as a Port Angeles High School student to graduate.