Parents As Partners

Parents As Partners is a unique program in education that combines a dedicated partnership between parents and teachers.  It offers you, the parent, the opportunity to assume the primary responsibility for educating your children with the support of Port Angeles School District staff.

Parents and the Parents As Partners teachers work together to develop a custom-designed educational plan called an Written Student Learning Plan to ensure that every child receives the very best in educational opportunities.

We listen to our parents and the students we serve.  A Parent Advisory Committee helps guide our staff in programs, class offerings, and educational plans.  Please join this process by offering your ideas and suggestions.

We believe in an environment that supports the values and beliefs of our families and students and fosters an atmosphere that encourages and inspires a love of learning.


Responsibilities to educate your children are shared by both you as the parent and the Parents As Partners staff.  You are responsible to supervise your child’s instruction at home while the role of Parents as Partners is to support, strengthen, and assist that effort through working directly with you and your children.

To support you in this endeavor, you will have a variety of educational opportunities for your children.  Parents As Partners will provide:

  • Curriculum materials
  • Enrichment classes as available
  • Professional teacher assistance
  • Computer-assisted learning
  • Special programs
  • Access to Port Angeles School District resources
  • Educational field trips

Parents As Partners has joined the Digital Learning Commons (DLC), a nonprofit funded ind part by the Washington State Organization Legislature. Through the DLC Parents As Partners students and families will have access to a digital library, online classes, and teaching and student resources.

The Parent's Role

The parent’s role is to be a child’s first and most important teacher.  You meet with a teacher to develop an Individualized Learning Plan for your child.  That plan is reviewed every month and may be changed at any time.  The parent maintains the teaching responsibility, whereas, the teacher is there to help guide and direct that teaching.  

A premise of this program is that the greatest milestones of learning begin at home.  Parents use the Written Student Learning Plan to maintain and support an educational environment at home.  Parents keep records of students work and periodically review progress being made with the Parents As Partners teacher.

Activities and classes may be held at the resource center or in other locations and facilities utilized by our staff.  You are responsible for supervising your child on field trips or during other special activities.


Parents As Partners is open to families who home school their children and desire educational support in grades K-8. Your commitment of time and energy and to share the educational responsibilities should be a major consideration in joining Parents As Partners. We welcome all families who would like to form that partnership with us in education full or part time.

If you would like to join Parents As Partners or receive more information, please call us at 360.452.9502.