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AmeriCorps for High School Students Available

November 30, 2012

Port Angeles, Wash. - Did you know that high school students can become AmeriCorps members, complete rewarding internships, earn school credit, and get paid about $1,200 for post-high school tuition or supplies?  North Olympic Peninsula Skills Center Natural Resources has a handful of spots available right now for high school seniors who qualify.  Read on to see if you or someone you know might be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

AmeriCorps members provide service to our North Olympic Peninsula communities with many people transitioning into careers and successful lives in this region.  But until two years ago, these members have all been high school or college graduates.  A little-known and rarely-used "student member" position exists within AmeriCorps that is available to high school students once they turn 17.  Student members serve far fewer hours than adult members (300 hours for the year, or basically the time commitment a very part-time job), but the internships are no less engaging and rewarding.

Lists of internship options are at the Internships and Senior Culminating Project Ideas links on www.opnrc.org/.  These lists are not comprehensive, as, students can use other existing service opportunities or come up with new options based on personal interest. 

Because student members will be enrolled in Skills Center Natural Resources, they earn high school credit for their internship.  Depending on the number of hours per week and type of work, students can earn up to 1.5 credits per semester in science, English, career and technical education (CTE), and/or elective.

And then there is the money.  AmeriCorps gives student members an “education award” worth ~$1,200 that can be used for any future education or education-related expenses.  Not just college counts; the money could be used for technical school, trade school or even first aid training.  If used to help pay tuition, most colleges will actually match this amount, making it a ~$2,400 scholarship.  This money could also be used for computers, books, or other things that need to be purchased.

Are you eligible?

There are two eligibility pathways for student memberships: one through high school community service lettering and the other through Natural Resources program.  Any student who has earned a community service letter in high school may apply.  Any student who has completed any Skills Center Natural Resources class, including Natural Resources Senior Culminating Projects, Natural Resources Options, or Natural Resources 1 may apply. 

The short application is online at Natural Resources 2 Website from www.nopsc.org/naturalresources.  Applications are due by mid-December and selections will be made by winter break, so please do not delay.  You can also get more information by calling Skills Center Natural Resources at 360.565.1892.


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