PAHS Spring Play May 8 – 13, 2018

PAHS Spring Play May 8 – 13, 2018
Posted on 05/01/2018
 PAHS Spring Play May 8 – 13, 2018Port Angeles High School presents Welcome to the Moon and Other Plays by John Patrick Shanley.

Performances are May 8, 9, & 11 at 7:00 p.m. and May 12, 13 at 2:00 p.m. in the Port Angeles High School Performing Arts Center.

Directed by Kelly Lovall and student co-director Freja Jarvegren-Uecker.  Vocal Direction by Jolene Gailey, Jazz Band Direction by Doug Gailey and Orchestral Direction by James Ray.  Choreographed by Kayla Oakes.  Technical Direction by Patric McInnis.  Set concept and design by Shawne Johnson.

Ticket prices are as follows: $9 for general admission, $8 for students, 10 and under are admitted free of charge.

Spring Play 041Spring Play 006

Play synopsis:

Welcome to the Moon and Other Plays, written by Patrick Shanleya and directed by Kelly Lovall, presents six different vignettes in which every character is in search of the hidden, the illusive, or maybe even the lost formula of love. They are not looking for any ordinary, “mundane” type of love, but instead, they thirst for real, deep, profound, serious connections. Some connections are achieved, some are lost, and some find form in the attempt.   –Kelly Lovall

The cast includes: Madison Casad, Bradley Alemao, Maariyah Dugan, Mercedes Shimko, Sage Star, AnLi Guttormsen, Madelynne Jones, Isabelle Cottam, Rylan MacDonald, Stephen Kaufmann, Ethan Musalek, Edward Lester, Joelynne Jewell, Brandon Gomez, Caleb Mathison, Jae Harrell, Simon Close, Sammy Weinert, Rhianna Stockdale, Amathyst Porter, Ruby Haris, Zak Harrell, Weslee Laughman, Danny Son, Bailon Maestas, Rhiannon Boyd, Catherine Wright, Maddie Orth, Myra Walker, Emma Riffle, Talia Anderson, Breanna Schafer, Lilly Satterlee, Madison Peterson, Madeline Montanna, and Dylan Hopkins.

Spring Play 014

Photos by Patsene Dashiell/Port Angeles School District:

PAHS Spring Play 006 -  Brad Alemao, front of stage, speaks longingly of his love, as Rhianna Stockdale watches from afar.

PAHS Spring Play 014 – A dance line during the Mac the Knife number, which will be performed by the Port Angeles High School Jazz Band, includes (from left) Talia Anderson, Brianna Schaffer, Myra Gale Walker, Brad Alemao, Sammy Weinert, Simon Close, Emma Riffle, AnLi Guttormsen, and Ethan Musalek.

PAHS Spring Play 020 – (FEATURED) Cast members include (from left) Rhianna Stockdale, Breanna Schafer, Myra Gale Walker, Emma Riffle and Isabelle Cottam.

PAHS Spring Play 041 – Practicing a “mock toasting” during rehearsal are (from left) Sage Star, Simon Close, Sammy Weinert, and Brad Alemao.

Additional Notes:

The stories of Welcome to the moon and Other plays as described by Dramatists Play Service and paraphrased by Kelly Lovall:

A boy in the Bronx lays in wait outside a party for a girl he hardly knows, courageously ready to profess his love to. 

A poet and his love live in abject poverty, hounded by a maniacal specter. 

A woman in a cafe approaches a haunted young man who reminds her of Dostoevsky. She seeks movement toward meaningful living.

The story of the Cowboy the good girl, a bad girl, and a gunfight. Each share a story of heartbreak.

A young man falls in love with a woman in the lake in New York's Central Park and decides to introduce her to his best friend.

A guy still madly in love with a girl he hasn't seen in fourteen years, revisits his old friend.

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