ASCE Popsicle Bridge Contest

ASCE Popsicle Bridge Contest
Posted on 02/21/2018
ASCE Popsicle Bridge ContestOn Saturday, February 10, a group of Port Angeles High School students, along with science teacher Derek Johnson, attended the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Popsicle Stick Bridge Contest at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

The competition is organized and run by the American Society of Civil Engineers – Younger Member Forum in the effort to encourage high school students to take an interest in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

There were 33 entries and the winning bridge held 541 lb.

While Port Angeles didn’t win, only four bridges held over 200 pounds, and three of those were built by Port Angeles teams. Another notable accomplishment: Hollund Bailey, Port Angeles High School junior, submitted a tee-shirt design that was selected for use for next year’s competition.

PAHS teams consisted of:
  • Adam Light, Natasha Lipsky, Jocelyn Reifenstahl and Polly Price, second place overall, with 417 lb.;
  • Andrew Baker and Matthew Lasher, third place overall, with 292 lb.;
  • Linus Waddell, Hollund Bailey and Daniel Weaver, first place aesthetics, with 113 lb.;
  • and Leo Ahlburg and Mauritz Ahlbergan, (an unofficial entry since we can only enter three bridges) with 285 lb.

(photos by Patsene Dashiell/Port Angeles School District)
PAHS Bridge Contest 010 – Port Angeles High School students (from left) Adam Light, Andrew Baker, Matthew Lasher and Natasha Lipsky share and compare notes on their popsicle stick bridges in Derek Johnson’s science classroom.
PAHS Bridge Contest 027 - Port Angeles High School students (from left) Daniel Weaver, Hollund Bailey, Mauritz Ahlburg and Linus Waddell discuss design points of their popsicle stick bridges.
PAHS Bridge Contest 042 – Port Angeles High School students (from left) Polly Price, Natasha Lipsky, Adam Light and Jocelyn Reifenstaht built their bridge as a team, coming in second place overall.

(Featured Image) PAHS Bridge Contest 046 – Port Angeles High School students (from left, front row) Matthew Lasher, Andrew Baker, Polly Price, Adam Light, Natasha Lipsky, Jocelyn Reifenstaht, (back row, from left) Hollund Bailey, Linus Waddell, Daniel Weaver and Mauritz Ahlburg participated in a Popsicle Stick Bridge contest at the Museum of Flight in Seattle on February 10, accompanied by Derek Johnson, science teacher at Port Angeles High School. 1

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