Levy Quick Facts

February 10, 2015 Maintenance & Operations Levy - Quick Facts

  • The February 10, 2015 maintenance and operations levy is a replacement levy, not a new tax.  It renews the current four-year levy which expires at the end of 2015 and will maintain levy funding for the Port Angeles School District for two years through 2017.
  • The February 10, 2015 levy is for a fixed amount - $8,637,144 in 2016 and $8,723,516 in 2017. Washington State law provides that no more than the requested amount can be collected.
  • The February 10, 2015 maintenance and operations levy request conservatively increases the current amount due to the lack of funding from Washington State.
    (The 2011 levy amounts approved by voters were: $8,178,067 for 2012; $8,300,738 for 2013; $8,425,249 for 2014; and $8,551,628 for 2015.)
  • The estimated tax rate for the new levy is $3.26 per $1,000 - for 2016 and 2017, the same rate per $1,000 as exists for 2015. Actual tax rates are set by Clallam County and may fluctuate. 
  • To estimate how much you’d pay a year, first find your assessed property value. Divide your assessment by 1,000. Next multiply by $3.26. This will be your estimated maintenance and operations levy payment.
  • The maintenance and operations levy currently helps support staffing, instructional materials, staff development, student transportation, athletics, music programs and other student activities, equipment, information systems, career & technical education, special education and maintenance.
  • The maintenance and operations levy supports the day-to-day operation of public schools and programs not funded, or not fully funded, by Washington State.  The current levy provides approximately 20.5% of the total Port Angeles School District budget even though the legislature authorizes maintenance and operations levy requests up to 28% of a district’s budget.
  • Public school districts in Washington State receive the majority of their annual operating funds from the state. However, the legislature only provides approximately 66% of what it costs to provide a child’s public education. The balance of the money needed is expected to come from local levies and the federal government.
  • The levy amount collected by the School District does not increase after it is set in place, regardless of changes in assessed property value.  The levy rate is calculated from the total assessed valuation of all the real property within the School District boundaries.

Levy and Bond questions, comments and suggestions may be sent via email to:  info@portangelesschools.org, or by U.S. Mail to:  Superintendent, Port Angeles School District, 216 East Fourth Street, Port Angeles, WA  98362.