Franklin Fifth Graders and Clallam Mosaic

Franklin Fifth Graders and Clallam Mosaic
Posted on 03/08/2018
Franklin Fifth Graders and Clallam MosaicWyndi Anderson’s Franklin fifth graders are attending a series of cooking classes on Friday mornings this March.

Clallam Mosaic is an organization within our community that works in service of adult developmentally disabled people. They have a series of classes to support life skills.

“We were invited by the director of Mosaic, Supriya Jayadev, to participate in a series of cooking classes,” explains Wyndi Anderson.  “Supriya is the mother of a student in my class.”

Clallam Mosaic uses the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church building, adjacent to the Port Angeles Public Library.

“Our first cooking class was this morning and it was fantastic!” enthused Anderson.  “In this initial class, we got to know the various program participants, played a few games, and cooked…and ate…our first recipe: One Pot Chili.”



Fran Mosaic 3 WA (courtesy of Wyndi Anderson) -In the kitchen, Franklin Elementary students shown are (from left) Aiden Temple, Aiden McFarland, Kaleb Lightner, and Vincent Meyers. During this time, Mosaic staff are going over the recipe instructions, and the class is getting ready to add the beef to the pot for One Pot Chili.

Fran Mosaic 4 WA (courtesy of Wyndi Anderson) - A moment of playfulness captured between our fifth graders and a Mosaic participant in the background, while the foreground shows a participant stirring the chili. Franklin Elementary students are (from left) Olivia West, Claire Osterberg and Kydn Meyer.

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