Roosevelt Fifth Graders Study Diversity

Roosevelt Fifth Graders Study Diversity
Posted on 12/19/2017
Roosevelt Fifth Graders Study DiversityFrom Terri Longin, Roosevelt Elementary 5th Grade Teacher:

My classroom has been studying two different novels with the theme of Diversity. Out of My Mind is the story of a fictional character by the name of Melody who was born with cerebral palsy and struggles to share her thoughts and ideas because she cannot talk. She is confined to a wheelchair and uses assistive technology to finally show the world just how intelligent she is.

Students in my classroom completed a variety of different projects. Three students decided to spend 24 hours in a wheel chair, so they could experience just a bit of what Melody’s life is like.

We also invited Makyla Johnson, a senior at Port Angeles High School, to visit our classroom, tell us about her life and her goals, and answer questions we prepared for her. Having Makyla with us brought the book to life and it was a joy to watch her interact with my class and they with her.

It was a great experience for all and we are so grateful to Makyla.

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