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Regular Meeting Minutes


The Board of Directors of Port Angeles School District No. 121 met in regular session on Monday, September 26, 2005, at 7:00 p.m. at the Central Services Building.  Proper notification of the meeting was made according to law.  In attendance were Mr. McClain, Mr. Hinds, Mrs. Kelly, Ms. McLaughlin, Dr. Gehren, and Superintendent Cohn.  The flag salute was led by Jim Jones.

Updated agenda was approved.

Superintendent Cohn noted that the Consent Agenda had been updated.  Mr. McClain moved to approve the Consent Agenda as amended.  Mr. Hinds seconded the motion.  The approval was unanimous.

Regular meeting minutes from September 12, 2005 were approved as presented. 
Special meeting minutes from September 19, 2005 were approved as presented.
Archival copies for both minutes were signed.

There was no Board correspondence.

Hamilton Elementary School Report – Principal Loren Engel
Dr. Cohn presented Mr. Engel to the Board and guests.  Mr. Engel expressed thanks to the Board for allowing him to report on Hamilton’s activities and progress.
Hamilton Elementary will celebrate its’ 50th year next Fall.  Mr. Engel noted that next year’s Board meeting at Hamilton will coincide with the anniversary.
Hamilton is looking for ‘graduates of note’ to tell their story.  The education received at Hamilton is only the beginning of learning and success.  Mr. Engel said they would like to show Hamilton graduates achievements in essence leading by example.
WASL scores reported in March on science and math provided promising results.  In the past year, focus for addressing Math challenges centered on geometrics and problem solving.  The performance in these areas was high, consistent with the emphasis.  The science program was, admittedly inconsistent throughout the school and the first WASL scores showed the challenges.  Emphasis on creating a strong, consistent science curriculum is work.

Port Angeles Education Foundation Report – Steve Methner
Superintendent Cohn introduced Mr. Steve Methner, President of the Port Angeles Education Foundation.

Mr. Methner provided a detailed update on the current status of the foundation.  The foundation has recently added Cindy Turner to the staff to assist with administration.  This will assist with their desire to grow and expand.  An appointed liaison for each school has been designated, communication to the school will begin soon.   The largest annual fund-raising effort, the Celebrate Education dinner, will be moved to February or March, instead of May.  Fund-raising efforts in 2002 resulted in a net worth of $62,000; in 2004 the net worth exceeded $300,000.  Goals for 2006 include expanding the Board of Directors, increasing the fund-raising activities – perhaps broadening into mail campaign.  The Board was very appreciative of Mr. Methner’s report.

Mr. Hinds asked about data compilation of last year’s staff survey that PAEF conducted.  Mr. Methner will get the information from the past President and provide it to the Board. 

No comments logged.

Mrs. Kelly provided a tabulation of the legislature voting results.  She stated that there was lots of discussion on the WASL Graduation requirement in 2008.  WSSDA will provide the opinions to the legislature.  Mrs. Kelly reported that she will be attending the regional WSSDA meeting in Chimacum on Saturday, October 1, 2005.  Ms. McLaughlin will also be attending the WSSDA regional meeting in Chimacum.

John Amos will be presenting Haley’s Comet on November 10 – 11, 2005.  There will be a special showing for the students at PAHS.  Mr. Amos will also be participating in a Veteran’s Day presentation.  Superintendent Cohn has accepted the chairmanship of the Community Multi-Cultural Alliance to assist in constructing the first board.  Superintendent Cohn met with community members to discuss enrollment. Separately, he also met with the press.  The causes and impacts were discussed impacts, jobs, housing; positive to understanding; also met with the press to discuss.  He was happy to be present when KCTS called to tell Principal Mary Hebert that she was a recipient of the Golden Apple award!  The radio show at KONP on Tuesday, September 20th focused on Collaboration time.  Nancy McLaughlin, Ron Spanjer, Michelle Reid, and Mimi Tiderman participated.  Next month’s show will be Tuesday, October 18th, and the topic will be the Skills Center.  Continuous School Improvement Plans (CSIP) are being reviewed over this week.  The General Advisory Council will meet on October 6th at 6:00 pm in the PAHS Library.

Literacy Month Proclamation
The Clallam County Literacy Council put forth a Proclamation for approval from the Board.  Superintendent Cohn recommended that the Board approve the Proclamation.  Mr. McClain moved to approve the Proclamation.  Dr. Gehren seconded the motion.  The approval was unanimous.

Policies and Procedures Review: 3000 Series, First Reading – Jim Jones
Mr. Jones noted that most of the modifications made were minor and in many cases were simply renumbering.  He reviewed the changes of note that had been made.

Policy 3415
This is a brand new policy addressing accommodation for students with diabetes.  WSSDA has designated this as a required policy.  A Director of Student Health Services must be appointed to be compliant with the policy.  Reesa Yamamoto has expressed a desire, and the committee recommended her for the position.  Although WSSDA policy specifically names the individual fulfilling this position, the Board will only designate the position by title.  It was noted that Superintendent Cohn is able to appoint an individual that meets the criteria rather than putting it to the Board.

Policy 3417
This is a brand new required policy addressing catheterization. 

Policy 3418
This is a policy that addresses the authorization to use AED (Automated External Defibrilators) Accompanying the Policy is a twelve page procedure (Prodedure 3418) that has extensive description and rules. Dr. Dirk Gouge is willing to be the Doctor.  He and Reesa Yamamoto were involved in creating the policy.  The district own three AED’s, they have been donated, but we are unable to use them until the Board approves the policy.

Dr. Gehren noted two occasions where the term “sex” is used instead of the agreed upon “gender”.  Mr. Jones stated he would make the modification.

Mr. McClain moved to approve the 3000 Series as amended.  Dr. Gehren seconded the motion.  The approval was unanimous.

Enrollment Report – Jim Jones
Mr. Jones reviewed enrollment data, showing the seven consecutive years of reduced enrollment.  This year was the second biggest drop from one year to the next. There is an additional 85 FTE loss than was originally expected, bringing the total reduction to 159 (74 + 85).  October is normally the big month for monitoring, but the analysis of September was proactively initiated due to the unexpected drop.  

Regular enrollment will be shown monthly as it has in the past, compared to the previous month of the year, but Mr. Jones stated that instead of showing the budgeted running average, he will provide projected FTEs in the second column. 

Discussion occurred regarding the analysis of the increase in overall population, but the decrease in the school population.  Mr. Jones stated that the majority of the families that were expected had actually moved out of state.  Family wage jobs and affordable housing have been sited as driving factors.

Appeal to School Board Procedure Decision
Per Policy No. 3324, Mr. and Mrs. Senf appealed the decision recorded on September 19, 2005 in an appeal to the Superintendent.  The Board needs to determine the process that will be taken to hear the appeal, no facts of the case will be discussed.

    The three options that available, are:

  1. Review the record,
  2. Review the record, and hear further arguments,
  3. Hear the case anew (case de novo)

Superintendent Cohn’s recommended option 2.  He stated the parents would like it to be done at an Executive Session.  Per policy, the decision must be made in an open session.  School District counsel Mr. Craig Miller was present to advise the Board on how to proceed.  He agreed with Superintendent Cohn’s recommendation, and stated that the Board members would need to review the transcript form the September 19th hearing prior to the appeal.  Each Board member must review the transcript; and must testify that each has reviewed completely the transcript.  Mrs. Kelly moved to hear the appeal using option 2, reviewing the existing record, and hearing further arguments.  Mr. Hinds seconded the motion.  Motion was approved unanimously.  The Appeal will be heard on Thursday, October 29th at 6:00 p.m. at the Central Services Building.  Superintendent Cohn will provide all information on this case, including either a transcript of the hearing, or a copy of the tape recording to the Board.

Ms. McLaughlin adjourned the meeting at 8:55 p.m.


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